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Sweet Life

Sweet Life 2G - Motherlode Slowmo (Astro Blends) Indica

Sweet Life 2G - Motherlode Slowmo (Astro Blends) Indica

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What are Astro Blends?

Astro Blends were carefully crafted to be a sophisticated and potent live resin experience. By blending unique cannabinoid formulas of Delta-9-O, HHC-O, and THC-B with cannabis-derived terpenes we are able to curate an experience as complex as your traditional cannabis strains. These super potent cannabionoids have quick onset for high that will have you blasting off no time.

Enjoy an even bigger dose with our 2g Super Blend Sweet Life pens.

Motherlode Slowmo: (Hybrid) So good it slows time. The Motherlode slowmo's unique flavor blends watermelon with Asian pear and whip cream for one sweet puff after another.

Ingredients: HHC-O, Delta-9-O-Acetate, THC-B (derived from Cannabis sativa L <0.3% Delta-9 THC), CBG, CBN, cannabis derived and botanical terpenes.

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