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Grand Dank Auto Glass TrayGrand Dank Auto Glass Tray
Blonde Diva Glass TrayBlonde Diva Glass Tray
Dirty Ridin' Blazin' Glass Ashtray
VAN GOGH Blazin' Glass Ashtray
T=HC2 Einstein Blazin' Glass Ashtray
VAN GOGH SyndicaseVAN GOGH Syndicase
Cloud 9 Chameleon SyndicaseCloud 9 Chameleon Syndicase
Alice Mushroom SyndicaseAlice Mushroom Syndicase
T=HC2 Einstein SyndicaseT=HC2 Einstein Syndicase
PIZZA Glass TrayPIZZA Glass Tray
Fried Glass TrayFried Glass Tray
Blue Eye Tiger Glass TrayBlue Eye Tiger Glass Tray
Good SHHH Glass TrayGood SHHH Glass Tray
Donuts Glass TrayDonuts Glass Tray
VAN GOGH Glass TrayVAN GOGH Glass Tray
Water Pipe - Green Trim (14")
Water Pipe - Purple Trim (15")
Water Pipe - Camo King (16.5")
Water Pipe - Faberge (9")
Water Pipe - Coned Perc Icicle (8")Water Pipe - Coned Perc Icicle (8")
Water Pipe - Jellyfish Perc (10")
Water Pipe - Finger Fitted (12")
Water Pipe - Kings Beaker (18")
Water Pipe - Purple Comb (10")
Water Pipe - Swiss Cheese (10")
Water Pipe - Striped Up (10")Water Pipe - Striped Up (10")
Camo Wraps (6 Flavors)Camo Wraps (6 Flavors)
Higher Standards Premium Hemp ConesHigher Standards Premium Hemp Cones
Higher Standards Premium Hemp WrapsHigher Standards Premium Hemp Wraps
Higher Standards Glass Filter TipsHigher Standards Glass Filter Tips
Higher Standards Crystal AshtrayHigher Standards Crystal Ashtray
Higher Standards Glass TasterHigher Standards Glass Taster
Higher Standards Heavy Duty BeakerHigher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker
Higher Standards Heavy Duty RigglerHigher Standards Heavy Duty Riggler
Higher Standards Heavy Duty RigHigher Standards Heavy Duty Rig
Higher Standards Resin RagsHigher Standards Resin Rags
Higher Standards Pipe StixHigher Standards Pipe Stix
Higher Standards Pipe DreamzHigher Standards Pipe Dreamz
Higher Standards Salt Rox
Higher Standards Supreme Clean KitHigher Standards Supreme Clean Kit
Higher Standards Dot WipesHigher Standards Dot Wipes
Green Monkey Rolling Tray KitGreen Monkey Rolling Tray Kit
Empire Glassworks Sushi Narwhal DabberEmpire Glassworks Sushi Narwhal Dabber
Empire Glass Spam Musubi Glass PipeEmpire Glass Spam Musubi Glass Pipe

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Afghan Hemp Starter Bundle
RYOT Glass Jar w/ Bamboo LidRYOT Glass Jar w/ Bamboo Lid
Alien Ape Collapsible Stash Jar TrayAlien Ape Collapsible Stash Jar Tray
Pussy Cat Vinyl Glass TrayPussy Cat Vinyl Glass Tray
High Hemp Pre-rolled Cones (15 pack)High Hemp Pre-rolled Cones (15 pack)
Eyce Shorty (10 pack)Eyce Shorty (10 pack)
Deez Nutz Torches (7")Deez Nutz Torches (7")
Benji Tray Kit - OG Tray (9" x 6")
Beveled Edge Quartz Carb Cap - U.S. colorBeveled Edge Quartz Carb Cap - U.S. color
Teeter Totter scalesTeeter Totter scales

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