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Connect Wood Collection - Dab Rig

Connect Wood Collection - Dab Rig

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Discover the refined elegance of the Connect Natural Wood Dab Rig, an essential for connoisseurs seeking a superior smoking experience with an eco-friendly touch. Designed for discerning individuals, this rig combines the delicate craftsmanship of hand-blown glass with the deep, luxurious charm of sustainably sourced wood.

Key Features:

  •  Hand-blown glass construction
  •  Natural, sustainable premium wood
  •  Use with dry herbs
  •  Detachable parts
  •  Portable dab rig
  •  Globe-shaped percolator 
  •  Diffused down-stem
  •  Highest quality materials
  •  Portable design
  •  Matching wood carb cap
  • 14mm banger
  •  Thick glass
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