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Kream Wonders Disposable | 5g

Kream Wonders Disposable | 5g

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Kream Wonders Disposable | 5g

Elevate Your Vaping Game, say hello to the future of vaping with Kream Wonders Disposable. Each sleek device features a smart screen and packs a punch with 5 grams of premium goodness. But what sets us apart? It’s our unique strains, each carefully crafted with a different combination of cannabinoids to cater to your every need. Plus, with USB-C rechargeability, you can enjoy your favorite strains anytime, anywhere. Get ready to explore a world of wonder with Kream Wonders Disposable.

Sourced from only the finest hemp to ensure a superior vaping experience every time. With six unique strains to choose from, you’ll never get bored with Kream Wonders Disposable. These devices are designed for easy use, with USB-C rechargeability and a smart screen for effortless vaping. Each strain is carefully crafted with a different combination of cannabinoids to deliver potent and enjoyable effects.

Never be caught with a dead battery again. Each device feature USB-C rechargeability, so you can quickly and easily recharge on the go. (Cable not included) Stay in control with our smart screen device, allowing you to monitor your vaping experience with ease. From adjusting settings to tracking usage, it’s vaping made simple.

Elevate your vaping game with Kream Wonders Disposable and discover a world of wonder with every puff.

Kream Wonders Disposable Strains

  • Bubblechu – Sativa: Energize your mind and uplift your spirits with the powerful combination of THC-P, D8, HHC, CBD, CBN, and CBG
  • Itza Cherrypop – Hybrid: Find your perfect balance with this hybrid strain, featuring THC-P, D8, HHC, H4CBD, CBN, and CBG
  • Banana King – Indica: Indulge in relaxation with Banana King, boasting a blend of THC-P, D8, HHC, CBD, H4CBD, and CBG. It’s the ultimate way to unwind after a long day.
  • Melon Wall – Sativa: Break down barriers with Melon Wall, featuring THC-P, D11, HHC, D8, CBD, and CBN. It’s a fruity and flavorful journey to new heights.
  • Emperor Cookie – Indica: Treat yourself like royalty with Emperor Cookie, offering a rich blend of HHC, D8, THC-P, THC-B, CBD, CBN, and CBG. It’s a decadent delight for the senses.
  • Dessert Orange – Hybrid: Satisfy your cravings with Dessert Orange, boasting a mix of D11, D10, D8, THC-P, CBG, and CBD. It’s a sweet and tangy treat that’s sure to please.

Additional Product Information

  • 5000mg Device
  • Press 5x to Turn ON/OFF Device
  • Press 2x to Preheat
  • Press and hold to smoke
  • 2018 farm Bill Compliant Containing Less Than .3% Delta-9

Kream Wonders Disposable | 5g Lab Reports

Banana King - COA Download
Bubblechu - COA Download
Dessert Orange - COA Download
Emperor Cookie - COA Download
Itza Cherrypop - COA Download
Melon Wall - COA Download
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